Logic 2.2.17

I have added it to your feature request board.

Speaking of USB Transfers - There was a discussion earlier on, about being able to do some form of data reduction on the USB data. Back to about 2.2.6… In where I mentioned with the released Logic software I would save away one of the USB reports (CSV file), that might have a million or two lines of output, and how using linux grep and sublime text editor I can often reduce this down to a few hundred lines (or less) of actual messages (those which send or receive actual data)… (March 13th post)

At the time (back about mid March) I sent a SAL file by email, which it sounded like maybe a HAL could be produced for it. Although at that point only Serial, I2C, SPI had support for HALs. Last I checked it sounded like that was still the case?

Thanks again


P.S. - I still miss having the screen shot capabilities. I get by, by PRINT-Screen then bring up Photoshop…

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Hi Kurt,

Adding HLA support to our USB analyzer is still on my radar :slight_smile: . It’s about 75% there, but unfortunately other tasks have taken priority. You’ll be the first to know when it’s ready!


Total failure and rejected promises…until I installed libnsl.so.1

I’ve been using the various alpha releases for a while, but when I tried version 17 the app would not start. The previous version I was using, 14, worked great.

This is on CentOS 8.1. Looking at errors, it seemed that it might be related to libnsl.so.1 – and indeed installing that fixed the problem. I’m not sure what happened between 14 and 17, though.

Looking good, otherwise. I am really looking forward to using the saved presets.

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Thanks for posting it here for others!
It’s hard to support every Linux distro unfortunately (we currently test mainly on Ubuntu)

We’d love to get your feedback on presets

I was very confused about presets usage. I saved and then tried to find the file and could not. I had to dig around to find the export functionality so that I could share the presets with other people. Maybe a note on the save page would be useful.

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Do you usually save presets for personal use or for sharing with others? We we’re wondering how prominent the export button should be.

The whole presets/export/import model is unusual and surprising. There is vast prior art that uses standard system file dialogs and “settings” files to manage this stuff. It’s not clear what problem you are trying to solve for users.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be able to save and load settings. It’s just that the current process requires more discovery than ideal and has some unfortunate behaviors, like multiple presets with the same name and no easy way to determine when a preset was created.

About presets, please refer to my suggestions at Logic 2.2.16.

I was myself very confused about the two different flows, internal and external.

@rei_vilo @P.Jaquiery thanks for the feedback!
Do you usually use presets for “internal” use (for yourself) or to share them with others?

So far I always use presets for myself. Unless we adopt a standard debug header for connection to the analyzer, signal mappings are likely to be somewhat random which limits the use of sharing presets.

But thinking about “debug headers” spurs a thought: there may be a market for Logic header to Tag-Connect plugs to make connecting the logic analyser to test devices a snap.


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@rani I use presets for internal use.

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Thanks @rei_vilo and @P.Jaquiery. We’ll work on that

@rei_vilo @P.Jaquiery, we updated the presets UX on 2.2.19 :slight_smile:

What is the driver for the current presets dialog rather than dropping straight into a file save dialog? If I want to save a preset as a file I have to first open the presets dialog and save it as a preset, then open the dialog again and use the popup menu to open a file save dialog to save it as a file.

I usually want to save presets In the context of a project so that I can get them into revision control along with the rest of the project. That gives me a running start if I have to put something aside then come back to it later and helps if I want to share presets with others in the team. In that regard it’s nice to see the presets are saved as JSON.

The main reason is that it allows you to save and load presets faster without searching for them on disk. They are all just there :slight_smile:
You can, of course, rename them according to the project that you’re working on.

If you usually use them internally, I don’t see how saving them to a file and then loading back that file is better, but maybe I’m missing something.

If you use a suitable default folder for the file save dialog there is no need to search. Remembering where presets were last saved is a pretty good guess at where the next preset will be saved.

Which adds back key strokes and clicks that I saved by using the presets dialog :-D. More seriously: having just the presets that are appropriate to the project I’m working on means a short list of entries making it easier to find what I’m looking for.

As I suggested previously: the files can be managed as part of a project context with a revision control system. For the stuff I’m working on at present for example I have three different related projects that I’m switching between. Each project is a different hardware system. They each share a lot of common code, but interact with that code differently (devices at opposite ends of a USB-C cable sharing a common USB PD library) so I do a lot of switching from device to device to check my latest changes haven’t broken something on the other hardware.

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Thanks for the detailed response. I completely understand your case.
To be completely honest, we’ll keep the presets as is for now, and we can re-evaluate that again in a month or two. Sorry if it disappoints you.

A very minor disappointment. In the context of all the great stuff in Logic2 it’s nothing and there are lots of other things you are working on and have in the pipeline that are much more important.

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@rani I like the way the Preset options are implemented in release 2.2.19.

As a minor improvement, I would place the option Load Preset just below the separator, as it is the priority feature.

Thank you!

I placed a copy of this post on the 2.2.19 thread, as it is relevant to that specific release.

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