HLA problem

Hi, I have a custom HLA that I built to analyze some CAN frames. This script has always been working. I have updated Logic2 recently to 2.4.10 and I experienced this error:

I have not changed in any way my HLA script since at least 1 year ago, so I am less inclined to think that the script is broken. Does anyone know what can cause this error?

@alex.achso Logic 2.4.10 was a fairly small update. In short, we added support for newer revision hardware and updated our code signing certificate for Windows. I don’t think this particular update should have broken any extensions.

You mentioned that your script had always been working before. Do you recall which specific version of the Logic software you were using? If so, can you confirm that that version still allows your extension to run properly? This might provide us with some clues as to what may have changed since then that could have broken your extension.

The list of our downloadable software versions can be found below.