HLA causing Logic 2 to freeze

I am developing an HLA extension and I noticed that sometimes Logic 2 will start to blur the data/clock lines into just solid color and eventually freeze.

@ruvim.piholyuk Hey there, this definitely shouldn’t be happening. Would you be able to share a capture file with us so we can reproduce it locally? And if the HLA is required to reproduce the problem, share that as well?


_saleae-touch-protocols.zip (4.8 MB)
HLA test - Heat Map.sal (737.3 KB)

It seems to fail when using the PIP3 analyzer option.


Thank you @ruvim.piholyuk,

I can reproduce the issue over here. I won’t be able to look into the root cause right away, but I’ll let you know once I have an update.


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Hi @ruvim.piholyuk ,

It looks like the primary issue is that the HLA you posted has 2 issues:

  1. It produces frames where the end_time is less than begin_time.
  2. It produces frames that overlap with previous frames. In particular, it looked like there were a lot of duplicate frames.

These are 2 cases we do not support, and can cause rendering issues when they are encountered. Unfortunately Logic 2 does not currently detect these cases. I will make a change to properly detect these cases and display an error - that should go out in the next release. I’m sorry we didn’t have that in sooner!

Please let me know if you have any more questions,