Custom HLA for Async Serial gives begin time error


I get the following error for my custom HLA =:
Decoder error - Invalid begin time for frame type 'Example frame, begin must start after the previous frame.

Does anyone know what this actually means?
I have checked the start time of the frame that errors and compared it against the end time of the previous frame and it is correct - the start time is after the end time.
This is frustrating because it happens to change which frame it errors on each time I reload the HLA.

Any help would be appreciated!

@joe.noonan Sorry for the trouble with this! The error does mean that frame start/stop times cannot overlap. Since you’ve already checked that, I’m not sure what else might cause this issue.

I just saw your email arrive our support inbox as well. Let’s chat there if you’d like (I just sent you a reply there), since I’d like to grab your source code and other pieces of information from you to help us debug this issue.

After further testing, it seems this problem only occurred when using a saved capture instead of a live one. Even after running it live then stopping it then enabling the HLA it still works. So possibly an issue with saved captures only.


Even after running it live then stopping it then enabling the HLA it still works.

After confirming the behavior above, did you confirm that saving that exact same capture directly afterwards, then re-opening that capture file, causes the HLA to fail with that error?

I’d be curious to know if maybe a certain pattern from your previously saved capture was the main cause of triggering the error, rather than being whether the capture is saved or not.