Logic 2.3.1

Logic 2.3.1

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Check out the Saleae Logic 2 Extension Marketplace!
Read more about the Marketplace on the Saleae blog!

What’s New

  • Added a “reset to default” button to the presets manager


  • When saving HLA settings, restart the analyzer if there was a change
  • Updated the terminal library to the latest
  • Reset analog zoom & pan settings when changing between different device types
  • HLA error message now makes it clear when not subclassing HighLevelAnalyzer

Bug fixes

  • Fixed serious crash for Logic 4 users
  • Handle loading a file with missing extensions
  • Handle loading a file with disabled extensions
  • Detect graphic cards that don’t supported webGL
  • Fixed terminal hangup when writing too many characters at once from HLAs
  • (Hopefully) fixed error related to missing device IDs
  • Fixed bug where sometimes extension installs would fail on the first attempt
  • Fixed bug where changing between the original Logic and a new device could break the analog display
  • Improved reporting and handling of internal errors after system sleep/resume

Here are some ideas for the Marketplace

  • Curate the list with recommended extensions.

Capture 2020-06-19 à 10.28.19

Have a look at the implementation of the Visual Studio Code marketplace. Atom list is confused and ultimately

  • Provide tags to group the extensions.

For example, the protocol the extension relies on (I²C, SPI). Also, categories or collections like in the Visual Studio Code marketplace.

  • Allow users to rate the extensions.

The Visual Studio Code marketplace and the Node-RED library have implemented users’ rating.

  • Provide clear information about licensing.

Apart for open source, some developers may want to charge for an extension. Is the marketplace ready for that option?

  • Explain what the PRO label means!

Capture 2020-06-19 à 10.36.35

Please add an option to search for consecutive bytes , mabe like this:

Also, the link to documentation does not work (do not open browser, at least not on Linux)
Screenshot from 2020-07-07 08-34-15
same goes for the “blog-link” in release notes, and links like “repository” and “report” in extensions.

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Any ideas on how to open “.bin” (former .logicdata) capture files ?
I just did a capture on this new version and I see the file on the file system, but when it comes time to open it, I guess its being filtered out

Hey @gabriel.sallum, welcome to our forum!
Are you trying to open the capture back in the app?

YES! it does not even display the file it just created.
its a new extension *.bin (I just upgraded to this newer version from the older style application)

I think that you exported the capture instead of saving it. You can only load a saved capture, and we should be more clear about it :slight_smile:

Can you try saving the capture?

yeah somehow I did something and its gone.

it was a pretty long (~30G) capture… would be nice to have a idiot check before wiping data off…

anyways I’ve restarted again. Duly noted regarding the save vs export.

Anyways, love how I can click to scroll feature…


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Sorry about that :slightly_frowning_face:
We’ll make sure that it’s clear!

love how I can click to scroll feature…

Thanks, but click where exactly?

when using a data analyzer, there is an option to control+click a certain value (in blue above the digital signal) to go to that point on the analyzer data tab…
“click to scroll to data row”

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Oh, great!
I don’t know if you noticed but it was a bit buggy on 2.3.1 (jumping around a bit). We just released a fix on 2.3.2

Thanks for the feedback!

no I didn’t notice.
I jumped to .2 already

BTW, when starting the application on Fedora , it gave me a gnarly error and it didn’t start,
reading the NODE trace I noticed it was trying to load a library
After I’ve installed that it worked fine.

should be more obvious…
other than that looks great!

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Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into this.
Unfortunately, it’s really hard to support all Linux distros and to make sure that the app runs smoothly on them…

I get it! but it would be pretty simple to add a message regarding a missing lib rather than crawling the app traces, and the having some sort of idea what the top 1 or 2 distros need to run would be nice, its not like Fedora (redhat) is an obscure distro…
anyways thanks.

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Hi @gabriel.sallum - What version of Fedora are you using? I can try reproducing the issue on my end. Thanks!


Hi, I’m on 29 (slightly old, I know)