Add Extension via Script

I want to add a HLA to Logic2 via a Script, and this is how far I have come:
The extensions are registered in %appdata%\Logic\config.json, I can add my own extension to this config, but it does not reload the extensions.
My extension is only loaded when I restart Logic, but when I add a new HLA by creating one, it is not only added to the config.json, but also reloaded so I can immediately use it.

Can anyone point me a way to reload the extensions so it detects my new HLA?

Even if it’s just stopping a certain Logic.exe :smiley:


@AltayAkkus Thanks for writing in! First, I wanted to mention that we haven’t tested nor validated the ability to modify the config.json file, so we can’t guarantee that it won’t cause issues down the line since our app continuously overwrites and modifies that file during operation.

Can I know exactly what you are attempting to accomplish? For example, are you trying to simply manually install an HLA you created? If so, the instructions below show how to do this (located under “Install Extensions Manually”).

If you had another use case in mind, I’d love to know more about it!