Analyzers Deleted after an extension update

When I updated my extension, Logic 2 decided to delete them from my screen and forced me to add them back. I was hoping that for future updates instead of deleting the analyzers they would be kept with the current settings and select some default setting for me to change if new settings options are introduced.

@ruvim.piholyuk Sorry to hear that! Could you share the exact steps you take to show the issue? I tried loading a locally installed extension, updated the source code, and reloaded the source files via the dropdown menu like shown below. Logic 2 keeps the HLA extension enabled, and updates the output based on the source file changes I made, so I’m unable to reproduce it.
Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 7.01.24 PM

I checked for updates in the extension menu and do said updates. Once it was completed my analyzers were deleted. I suspect this is because the update introduced additional settings.

@ruvim.piholyuk Ah I think I’m starting to understand the issue a bit more. Upon reloading the source files for an HLA after adding new settings to it, I get the following error, and the decoded bubles above the waveform for that particular HLA disappears.
Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 3.05.32 PM

Let me know if this is what you’re seeing as well. I’ll get this particular issue discussed with the software team here.

Yes, this is about what I remember seeing.

Thank you!

@ruvim.piholyuk Thanks for confirming that. I’ve discussed this particular issue with the software team here and we’ve confirmed this to be a bug. We’ve got this on the backlog to fix now, however, we don’t have a release date confirmed for the fix.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to work around this particular behavior in the meantime, which should only occur while modifying your HLA settings. Once the settings are set in stone, you should be able to reload your source files smoothly.