Python logic2 Extension add method

I used the python logic2 API.
I installed the Extension I2C transaction.
I want to save the .sal with I2C Transaction waveform file with python.
Can you share the example python file or method?

Thank you for your support

@sooseok.sim1 Sorry for the trouble with that. Can you explain the specific issue you are running into? For example, are you running into the issue described below upon opening a saved capture file that contains an HLA?

Thank you for your feedback.
this is not issue.
I’m not famillar with the Extention for saving the .sal with python logic2.
I want to know the method. the I2C transaction method.
I want to save the .sal file that is included with I2C Transaction wave form.

@sooseok.sim1 Thanks for confirming that. You can refer to the example in another forum post below.

Hope that helps!