Hla extension to decode I2C not working

I’m trying to write a Hla python script using Saleae provided examples to decode and capture data on a data byte and a NAK [0x44 and NAK] for an I2C issue I’m trying to debug (bq40z50 TI Fuel Gauge).
I’m getting the following error:

i2c_salaeae_nak_ext error - AttributeError(“Hla’ object has no attribute 'decode”)

I’m using Logic Pro 16 Version 2.3.41 - great product!!

Hi @cbishop, excited to hear you’re using our HLA API!

It sounds like your HLA class, which should extend HighLevelAnalyzer, is missing a required method, “decode”. If you post your code (preferably to a git repo) we could take a look for you.

You can find some API documentation here:

It sounds like you might have accidentally renamed or removed the decode method from your class, if you started with the template our software provides.