Capture file contains absolute path to HLA


Saleae 2.4.10

We’re working on custom HLA that has not been published. I shared a capture .sal file and we noticed that the meta.json contains the absolute path to my copy of the HLA instead of the user’s copy. This is found under highLevelAnalyzers.port.

When the sal is loaded, we see error messages about the HLA not being installed. Removing and re-adding the custom HLA fixes the issue.

Is there a portable way to export captures that use a custom HLA?

@corytodd This is unfortunately a known issue right now. I added a comment for you in the bug report post below to keep track of your need for this to be working properly.

In the meantime, you’ll need to manually add the extension to existing captures when transferring the capture file to a different PC. Apologies for the added hassle with that at the moment.

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