Failed to create analyzer

We just published our first HLA, “Parade Technologies TrueTouch Protocols”. When I receive a SAL file from another user, that also had our HLA installed (from the Saleae marketplace), and try to open it I get an error.

Failed to create analyzer “Parade Technologies”; it is not currently installed.

Since we both have the HLA installed from the marketplace I was expecting the HLA to show up with out any errors.

One thing I find strange about the error is that the string in quotes matches the JSON author field, not the JSON name field.

My question is, are HLA’s in SAL files supposed to load with out error if the user opening the SAL has the HLA installed?

Congrats on publishing your HLA! Sorry about that behavior by the way. This is currently a known bug that we have on our backlog right now. I’ve internally linked your forum post to our internal backlog item for this.

Here are the reproduction steps that we have noted internally. This seems to match the exact behavior you are describing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. install an HLA from the marketplace.
  2. add it to a capture and save that capture.
  3. send that file to another machine.
  4. on that machine, install that extension.
  5. load the file.
  6. expected: capture loads properly with HLA added.
  7. actual: error shown indicating that the extension was not installed.

This is 100% reproducible.

We’ve got this on the backlog to fix, but we unfortunately don’t have a timeline for it yet. I’ll reach out to our software team in case we can come up with a workaround in the meantime.

Thanks for the reply @timreyes . Those steps to reproduce sound exactly right to me. I hope this issue can reach the top of the backlog soon.


that still seems to be an issue with version 2.4.9.
We also ran into that issue right now.

Any update on the timeline?


@GerhardH We likely don’t have an update on this bug. Let me double check the status of this with our team here and I’ll get back to you on this.

@timreyes I’d also love to see this fixed too. My users don’t post questions to this forum, they ping me. HLAs not loading when a capture file is opened is a significant usability issue with sharing capture files internally.

Just ran into similar problem.
Running capture.add_high_level_analyzer in my Python script and pointing to my local HLA gets me

Failed to create analyzer “name of HLA”; it is not currently installed.

Is this problem caused by the same bug as the original post?

@GregoryLakewood Ah… sorry about that. Yes, the same bug might be causing this issue, but I can’t recall. Let me run some tests and I’ll follow up with you.

@GregoryLakewood I checked in with the team here, and the easiest solution may be to clone your extension next to your automation script. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to specify to search the installed extensions on your PC.

We haven’t had a chance to test this yet, but I wanted to send you an example solution sent by another user below to hopefully get you up and running immediately. In their case, they had their HLA folder in the same location as their automation script.

Hey, thanks a lot for pointing me to the right issue.
I was making a mistake in passing name parameter.
I was passing "name" value from extension.json, when I am supposed to pass the actual name in the extensions section.
It turns out that you can pass the full path into the extension_directory parameter and it works well, extension doesn’t need to be in the same directory as the script.
Sorry for adding noise into the thread, I hope it will help someone like me in the future.

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