Issue rendering HLA messages in the overlay


I’ve been using HLAs in the Logic 2 system, and they’re a fantastic tool!

Other than some difficulty setting up imports and dependencies for custom HLAs, they have also been very easy to work with.

One issue I am experiencing, however, is in the overlay (The H0, H1 lines in the main view), special characters like = or " aren’t being displayed properly, while they are in the table view on the analyser tab.

For instance, = displays as &#3D, and " displays as "

Is there any way this could be fixed so that the text is human readable in both the overlay and the table?


@ciaranwoodward Glad to hear HLAs have been helpful so far!

That’s certainly strange. It sounds like a rendering bug, or potentially something else.

Would you mind sending over the following?

  1. A copy of your capture file (.sal format). Instructions below on exporting this file:
    Capture & Preset File Management - Saleae Support

  2. Which HLA are you using, and which LLA (low level analyzer) is it attached to?

Hi @timreyes thanks for your reply!

It’s a custom HLA, and not ready to share just yet, but is built on top of SPI. The issue occurs when putting something like “a = 3” into the result_types of the HLA. The actual data is in the data field of AnalyzerFrame, and that is put into the analyzers table just fine.

I guess it’s possible that the bug is on my side - but there is no web encoding in the rest of the script, so it seems unlikely. I can try and put a minimal reproducible example together to demonstrate the issue if there isn’t an obvious fix on your side.

@ciaranwoodward Thanks for that info. I think that should be enough for us to look into it for now. My initial hunch is that those characters are in fact interpreted in that manner. I’ll keep you updated on my discussion with the software team and will see if there’s a workaround for it.

@ciaranwoodward I found a similar issue below that seems to be resolved via using a triple-bracket method. It’s possible that the characters you describe are treated the same way as the characters described in the post below. Can you give that a try and let me know if that works?

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Excellent, thanks! The triple bracket method works! So rather than:

 result_types = {
        "CaMessage": {
            "format": "{{data.dir}}{{data.string_rep}}"

I use:

 result_types = {
        "CaMessage": {
            "format": "{{{data.dir}}}{{{data.string_rep}}}"

and it all works as expected - printing the actual text rather than with html encoded special characters. Also means I can put the “<” characters that I removed back in.

Thanks for the help!

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