Export data between timing markers?

I know I can export raw data between timing markers, but what I’m after is the analysed data - which I can only seem to get from the analysers view - and I have to take it as text and for the entire capture or the visible window.

Is there any way to export the (analysed) data for a timing marker pair?

Thanks in advance.

@remy You bring up a good point. Apologies for the limitations with our export options. I’ll bring this up with the team here.

One workaround would be to save a copy of your capture file, trim the capture file (instructions below), then export all the data in the newly trimmed capture. I understand this is pretty cumbersome, and we certainly could add a “export between timing markers” option, similar to the option we provide for exporting raw data.

In the meantime, can you give me an idea of what kind of data captures you are recording, and what you do with the trimmed down exported files?