Delete data between markers

Is it possible to delete data between 2 markers? Cant find how.
Tried with a marker pair as well, but there is only the option “outside pair”. I would like to delete “inside pair”.
Working with v2.4.13


@gunter This is unfortunately not possible at the moment since our software does not support discontinuity within recordings.

Is there a specific reason you need to trim in between a recording, which would cause a discontinuity? For example, were you looking to accomplish the same goal as what is currently posted on our ideas site below?

Yep, that solution would be great, but that request is already 4yrs open …

@gunter The main hurdle is the ability for our software to support discontinuous captures. You’re absolutely right that we haven’t been able tackle this problem for quite some time. Solving this is not trivial, but we understand would open some doors to a few highly requested features, some of which include deleting data between timing markers, and continuing captures by dropping samples when USB throughput can’t keep up with the sampling rate.

I wished we could nail down a solution for that immediately — however, we’re currently a small dev team with other projects having taken priority.