Export timing markers


Salea allows to add timing markers on the graphs.
Is there a way to export this data? I couldn’t see a way from the gui, but is this available on the api?


@andriy.gelman Hopefully the support article below helps!

Via the GUI, when exporting raw data, you can select “timing markers” for the time range. Also, in case you’re referring to our Socket API automation utility, we unfortunately don’t have automation implemented in the Logic 2 app yet.

I believe the original ask was to export the timing markers themselves, which I’m also looking for. When I did a full export as shown in the article, it does not include these timing markers. I just marked up a trace with dozens of markers assuming there was a way to export, and now I’m having to manually transcribe the times to a spreadsheet.

Ah, I initially misunderstood then if that was the case. Thanks for pointing that out. You’re right, exported data (as opposed to saving your recording as a .sal capture file) do not include timing marker information.

Ultimately, it would be great to get this posted on our ideas site below. I don’t think anyone has posted this feature request yet.

I’d be happy to do so on your behalf if you prefer as well. If so, can you let me know more information about your use case for this? Additionally, let me know which export options you are using as well.

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