Automation for analog signal with timing markers

Hi there! First poster here!

I’m trying to automate the use of Logic 2 to export data across 8 analog channels, however I’d like the ability to only export between two manually defined timing markers. Is there a way of getting the list of timing markers from the automation API?


Hi tome,

At the moment we don’t support this. We do want to add support for this when we get back to the automation API, but we’re a tiny team, so it will take a little while.

One option would be to trim the capture instead of just add timing markers. Trimming deletes the data outside of the timing markers, which would allow you to simply export everything later. However this won’t help if you need anything outside of that range.

Could you describe your use case? I have a few questions:

  1. Where the captures taken with the API, or where they taken manually with the GUI?
  2. Why not export the data manually from the GUI the same time you are adding timing markers?
  3. Are you trying to export a single range per capture, or are there multiple ranges you want to export from one capture?
  4. How many captures are you trying to export?
  5. It sounds like you’re combining manual and automated steps. Could you walk me through the process, so I can understand how and when you’re switching between manual and automated steps?