'Time compression' between changes

Context: receiving data over CAN at 100 ms periods

In order to analyze what is going on in the timeline view, one has to continuously zoom out, move to the next packet, zoom back in… (and repeat).
Is it possible to compress the timeline between the packets (I tried to sketch the concept below)?

You know what, I like this idea. I think we’ve all had this experience where there are clumps of activity followed by long pauses. It would be handy to have the pauses abbreviated. I’m not sure how that fits in with how they’ve developed the app but it’d be neat if it were possible.

@matevzb This is a great idea. In particular, we are tracking all feature requests for this in the link below:

I added a comment in the idea post above that links back to your forum post here for future reference.

By the way, while you’re zoomed in to your data, one way to work around this without having to zoom out and zoom in repeatedly would be to “Jump to Next Edge Offscreen” by clicking the “Next Edge” button (instructions linked below).