Logic 2.3.15

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Logic 2.3.15

What’s New

  • Ability to change the relative time by right-clicking on the timebar
  • Support for time relative to: digital or analyzer trigger, timing marker, or wall clock
  • Ability to export raw data and table data timestamps in ISO8601 format
  • Added preferences to support auto-transition of relative time and wall clock format
  • Removed Trim dialog and replaced with ability to delete data directly from timing markers or right-clicking on the graph area


  • Increased maximum analog vertical zoom by 10x

Great to see support for wall time! This makes it a lot easier to catalogue captures and to correlate with logs.

I had hoped to be able to see the wall time when zooming in, are there any plans to support this? I guess it’s OK since you can set a timing marker, but it’s a little slower than just looking at the timebar.

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Love the “time relative to marker” mode!

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I also love that I don’t get the marker popup dialog any more when I set a marker!

@jonathan.gjertsen Glad you’re liking it so far! The wall time display is a bit finicky when zooming in. It occasionally displays in and out. You’ll notice this by zooming in all the way, and scrolling all the way to the left of the capture. You’ll see the wall clock appear.

This is something we’re planning to address at some point.

An update: We’ve got this officially on the backlog now. Just don’t have a timeline for it yet.

Some background: This bug is not really a rendering issue, but instead due to our algorithm with handling time ticks.

I’ve noticed on the I2C analyzer export to CSV the packet ID never increments and is always 0. Some of our tools use this column and are unable to use 2.3.x exports. I’ve seen this mentioned before, will this also be on the backlog?

@daniel Thanks for catching that. Yes, we actually caught this bug a few days ago and logged it below: