Capture Time vs ``

I’m looking for a way to align Data Table Terminal messages to the capture. I thought I could use the start_time from the frame, but start_time is a wall clock time. It seems like the time I want is the start_time minus the capture start time. However, I haven’t found a way to access the capture start time.

I’m getting this:
DEBUG [2023-01-04T18:53:13.721252900000Z]: My Test Message
I’d like this:
DEBUG [2.311922900000]: My Test Message
So that I can go to 2.311922900000 seconds in the capture to see what was happening as related to the terminal message.

Is there anyway to do this in the current API?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for mentioning this, I think we discussed this internally a while back, but I don’t think we ever exposed the capture start time. This is a bit tricky because the origin time in the application is actually editable, and can be changed at any time by adding a timing marker, right clicking it, and selecting “set as t0”.

What might be helpful for the moment is to switch the software into wall clock time mode. This feature is very limited (we need to go back and dramatically improve it) but it will do the following:

  • add the wall clock time to the start of the capture in the timeline. (However it won’t display it along the timeline, limiting the usefulness of this)
  • show the wall clock time of all timing markers. (this is significantly more useful)

This would at least allow you to print out the wall clock time in the terminal, and compare it to the timing markers.

Also, I believe that this causes our raw export options and data table export to use wall clock time as well. The legacy analyzer export (right-clicking a specific analyzer and selecting export) is not affected.

Thank you for letting me know about wall clock time mode @markgarrison. I hadn’t found that feature yet. That will help me in cases where I’ve captured the data my self. Unfortunately for the cases where someone sends me a capture, it can’t be used. Like you said, wall clock time mode is limited in the current release of Logic2. The good news, for me, is that our HLA is maturing nicely. Therefore, the need to correlate terminal data with wave data is diminishing.