How to get the 0s starting time from HighLevelAnalyzer?

Dear Sir,

I am trying to print the absolute time starting from 0s in the terminal.
The first frames.start_time I get in class Hal is like this
2022-05-25T05:44:03.173772160000Z. My idea is to take it as a base “time” 0s.
But it seems not the correct 0s!?

@lc00747 Sorry about that… start_time and end_time are currently formatted to UTC time. We unfortunately don’t have a variable that stores the relative time (i.e. 0s) from the start of the capture.

We’ve received this request from a few other users and we’re tracking this idea in the link below:

For now, I added a comment and vote for you. Apologies we don’t have an immediate solution. Can I know your specific reasoning for needing the relative time? I’d love to make sure we get your use case logged as well.

@timreyes thanks for replying, the reason I want to get this 0s is because I would like
to format my own string in terminal with “relative time” which can mapping to the waveform screen time line, so I can quick to find it in between.
BTW, may I ask other question here about to print strings into a file in HighLevelAnalyzer extensions? I tried it and got error, any examples? Thanks.

@lc00747 Thanks for describing your need for that. I added some more notes to the idea post I shared previously so we can remember your use case.

I also remembered that we are tracking a feature request to jump to a protocol bubble above the waveform by double-clicking a value in the terminal. Would this be useful for you as well?

If so, I’d love to get your vote/comment added there as well.

We unfortunately don’t have a method of doing this right now. Are you particularly interested in the feature request below? If so, I’d be curious to know your reasoning for needing this feature as well.