Broken Saleae logic pro 8

just stopped now does not ding dong when plugged in no led no connection… but still get warm like it did before ?
anyone recognize this fault… 2016 model i think ?

@g7wbd Oh no! We may need to process a warranty replacement for you in case we can confirm that your hardware has gone bad.

To get the process started, can you run through the troubleshooting steps below and then submit a warranty request form when prompted?

That will open up a support ticket on our end and I can chat with you via email from there.

being without was too much amazon is delivering another one tomorrow but i would like to follow up with a claim if i can ?


plugged in but nothing shown :slightly_frowning_face:

@g7wbd Thanks for running those tests. I saw your warranty request submission arrive just now. Let’s chat via email about your potentially faulty unit.

So this happened… I always said if I lost my Saleae I would just buy another… Mine died it seems to have a fault, so I filled in the warranty claim as honestly as possible. I am being a bit vague on this open forum. They have only gone and shipped me another one… so stoked… such a good product and yes I may be a little biased right now :slight_smile:
so I was vague on the details because if yours break, just tell them what happened to you… they are very fair… :slight_smile:

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