Clips for Logic Pro 8

We have been using Logics here for a long time. Started with the original Logic 8’s (which still work good enough for some of our digital firmware debugging) and now we have a Logic 8 Pro, which is an awesome tool with the analog capabilities and high speed digital lines.

I wanted to write, inquiring about the Logic Pro 8 clips. This is the only part that seems subpar compared to the original Logic 8. Many of the clips that came with the Pro are now in poor shape and have not held up as well as the original Logic clips. The clips fall off the wires more easily and the plastic they are made from are less durable. They tend to tear the clip barrel if they get spread to wide. These problems have not occurred on the original Logic 8 clips and wires that we have. The original clips seem to be a harder plastic and the wire connections on the original wires seem to be better quality than the wire connections on the Pro wires.

I am writing to ask if you have had similar feedback from others? I assume I can purchase a new set of wires and clips for the Pro 8? Are newer wires and clips that would be purchased improved compared to what we have?

Thank you in advance.

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@awolfe Sorry about the test clips, and thanks for letting us know about that. We had some customers report issues with them over the years since releasing Gen 2 Logic (Logic 4, 8, Pro 8, and Pro 16) - specifically the same issues that you’ve brought up. Because of that, we made some updates to them a few years ago, though I can’t recall exactly what year (2020 maybe?).

In any case, I’d love to send you some replacement test clips as part of our warranty service if they’ve gone bad.

As such, feel free to send me (Tim) a message via email using the link below and we can chat about replacement options!

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@timreyes Thanks for the offer, but I really don’t mind purchasing the clips, especially since you have confirmed that you have upgraded them. I have already put in the purchase on your store. Your customer support is top notch, so much so that I would feel guilty for taking you up on this offer. You upgraded us to the Logic Pro from a Gen 2 Logic 8 when the Logic 8 had an issue and you did not have an exact replacement in stock. Thank you for always striving for perfection in your products, it shows.

@awolfe You’re very welcome, and thanks so much for your kind words about our team here!