Saleae logic pro 8 captures incorrect signals with Software version 2.3.37

I am having trouble properly capturing signals with my Logic Pro 8. I recently installed The Logic 2 software version 2.3.37 and when trying to read the signals of an SPI line, I do not see the correct data appear. I have also tested with a Logic 8 on this same software and I seem to get the proper signals. Is there any insight someone may be able to provide to help me better understand why this does not work?

Thank you!

Are you getting glitches on clock edges perhaps? Zoom in on clock edges where data is incorrect to check. Turn on glitch filtering just for the clock lines in the device settings pop out panel (you may need to scroll down a little).

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Also be sure to check that the voltage option you’re recording with matches the signals you’re recording. Logic 8 does not have this feature.


And please save a recording with the issue and post it here, so we can take a look.

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Thank you all for the help!

It seemed updating the voltage and enabling the glitch filter worked properly.