Looking to buy an old saleae hardware

Hello community, hope i’m in the good section for this post,

I would like to know if anyone has an old Saleae hardware for sale. I already have the new Saleae Logic Pro 8, but unfortunately, it is not compatible with the old Saleae software version 1.X. In the 1.x software, there are some functionalities which are not yet available in the 2+ software. In order for me to work faster on my project i really need to use the old software so I prefer to buy an old Saleae hardware so that I can use it with the Saleae software 1.x.

If anyone has an old Saleae hardware for sale, please contact me.

@levmarvel85 Thanks for posting! This is Tim from the engineering team here at Saleae.

Although we no longer sell our older Gen 1 Original Logic/Logic16 devices, I was curious to know what kind of functionality you were missing from our older Logic 1.x software, as well as your use case for them.

Hopefully we can get your request recorded, or we might be able to provide a workaround in the meantime. Hope to hear back!

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your answer, well the issue is the packet id witch is on 1.x software but not on 2.x software and my logic 8 pro is not compatible with 1.x software, i know that you guys have more important stuff to do in steed of fixing the packet id issue , and in order for me to be able to move faster in my project i think the best solution is to find an old logic hardware to buy and that why i will be able to use it with the logic 1.x software and all my issues are solved .

Best regards

@levmarvel85 Thanks for explaining that, and sorry that the Packet ID is broken on Logic 2. I’ve recorded your request to get this fixed on our bug report post for this below.

Although we’re unable to immediately work on a fix for this right now due to other priority projects on our plate, I wanted to let you know about the workarounds described in the link above in case they help.