Working on Linux from remote


due to the corona situation we where ask to work from home most of the time. But I am currently not able to control the Logic SW remotely.

What I have tried so far.
a. usbip: is working (sometimes) but the vpn connection is to slow. After a very short time the connection times out.
b. x11vnc server: Logic2 throws errors on start about missing extensions (e.g. XRANDR)
c. start Logic2 from a ssh session with enabled X11 tunnel. Logic2 will start, but the window presented on the host is empty.

Personally I would prefer c. as this is the simplest solution. I have checked the X11 tunnel with Visual Studio Code and can confirm that the tunnel is working.

If you need logs or further information, please let me know

Best Regards

Hi Michael,

Thanks for testing VS Code, that’s a good sign that this should work for electron apps in general.

Could you provide instructions how we might be able to test this, or a link to an article that’s similar to how you would like it to work?

We should be able to do some quick tests to see if there is an easy solution.

Hi Mark,

my setup consist of two Ubuntu machines. The first, where the Logic is connected to, is an Ubuntu 18.04, the second is an Ubuntu 20.04. On both machines X11 acts as display server.

On my second machine I open a ssh connection with X11 tunnel to my first machine:
$ ssh -X
I’m now connected to my first machine. If I start a program with a graphic interface X11 will route this transparently over the network and open a window on my second machine.

You can try that with code or Logic.

Best regards

@michael.langer Thanks for sharing that. We’ll run some tests here and will follow up with you.

I was able to reproduce the problem and confirm that the workaround mentioned here does solve the problem:

./Logic-2.3.26-rc-2.3.26.AppImage --no-sandbox --no-xshm

However, the frame rate was pretty poor, even though I was connected over a local network. I think something like Chrome Remote Desktop would have a much better framerate.

I can confirm that the workaround solve the issue. You can speed up the the frame rate on slow connections if you add compression.

$ ssh -XC <host name>

Thanks for your help.