Automation API - Logic 2 with remote connection

We have the Saleae logic analyzer SW running in a remote linux machine and we are trying to use the Automation API running in our local PCs and connecting to this remote machine.

Reading the Automation API documentation it seems that it is not possible to connect to a remote machine, even if the connect() method has the parameter “address”. Is this correct? Are any plans to add this capability to the API?

Thank you!

Hi @p.andresanc,

This should work, but you will need to make sure of a few things:

The Logic 2 instance running on your remote linux machine is listening on an interface that is accessible from your local PC. On your linux machine, you can launch Logic2 and listen on all interfaces by doing this:

./Logic-2.4.0-master.AppImage --automation --automationHost --automationPort 10430

And on your local PC you will need to specify the address:

with automation.Manager.connect(port=10430, address='IP_OF_LINUX_MACHINE') as manager:

Usual disclaimers apply here - if you are opening up your Linux machine to external connections, be aware of the security concerns. That’s outside the scope of the help we can provide though.

Please let me know if you run into issues getting that setup!


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Thank you very much for your quick reply! We managed to connect with a remote connection.

Another question, when launching Logic2 is it possible to disable the display?
I can’t find a document with all the possible options for Logic-2.4.0-master.AppImage program.

Thank you!

Hi @p.andresanc,

We do not support this currently. It’s something we would like to support, but there’s a fair amount of work to make it happen. We don’t currently have an estimate for when that will be.