When will the scripting socket be added to Logic 2?

I currently use the scripting socket in Logic 1 to control multiple logic analyzers simultaneously but I noticed Logic 2 does not have this feature. Do you plan to add it to Logic 2? If so, do you know when?


I also depend on the scripting socket for Logic 1, I’d appreciate to see it in Logic 2.

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@andres Thanks. We’re currently monitoring the idea here and I added a reference to this discuss forum post.

Feel free to vote/comment on it! We’re aware of the need, and we’re currently tracking user interest in it before we commit it to the roadmap.


I use the scripting socket in logic 1 extensively. Have been experiencing unstability in logic 1 as of late so I would appreciate if the scripting socket was implemented in logic 2.


Hi All,

I also vote to increase the priority of this topic. We are also using socket API in our continuous integration system.
It is not possible for us (40 users) to switch to new Logic 2 without a remote control API.


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Thanks for voicing your need @christophe.ostermann . We haven’t committed this to the roadmap yet, but I added your comment to the idea post we are tracking for this feature request.

It is our top requested feature at the moment, so there’s certainly a lot of visibility around the need for this: