Scripting socket API

What plans do you have for the socket scripting API in version 2.0?

We are planning to use the Logic Pro 16 for an automated test jig, where we perform automated tests for a safety PLC we are developing. The purpose is to automatically perform the tests and save the test data for later review. The Logic Pro 16 together with the scripting API would be great for this purpose.

I have wondered earlier if there was a chance that the scripting API could be extended with some additional commands. If these commands could be included if/when the scripting API is ported to v2.0, it would be great.
The most important command for us is to be able to configure channel names and glitch filter for each test. When the channels have descriptive names for each test, the manual review afterward is much easier. So one command “CONFIGURE_CHANNEL”, or two commands “SET_CHANNEL_NAME” and “SET_CHANNEL_FILTER” would be perfect.
A simple ping command or get status command would also not hurt, to check that the application is responding and ready, or if it is already busy capturing. For example “GET_STATUS” or simply “PING”.

If those commands were to be implemented I would be happy to make a pull request to the C# git repo with the new commands.

Thanks for a great product, and good luck with the development!

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Hi Wilfor!

Thank you so much for posting, and I’m sorry I somehow missed this! :grimacing: I’ll see if I can get these to cc with our support just in case.

Understood, thanks!

Yep, makes sense.

The plan for the 2.0 software (the Alpha) is to make an amazing application-API that will use JSON Actions - probably a subset of the same actions that are used in the app itself - so that full application control will easily be possible. We’ll also want to make a subsection of the application State visible - things like what tab we’re on, are we recording or not, etc. I personally can’t wait to get started on this and I don’t even think it will take very long. That said, right now we’re in a bit of flux on the schedule so I can’t give a great estimate for this.

If you have concerns around the timing let me know.

Thank you again for the feedback and specific requests!


Hey Joe,
Thanks for your detailed answer.
That sounds great! It’s really good to hear that you plan to use JSON. I think that’s a great idea.

Regarding the timing, our plan is to finish the testing software and hardware setup before next year. Of course the new API would be great to have then, but the current API is still usable in the meantime.

Thanks again for your answer, and for having this forum for feedback and suggestions. I will be sure to keep an eye here for updates on the development!