What Happened to the analog support of the original Logic?

I own the old original Logic and did not use it for a while now.
Today I wanted to measure an analog voltage and had to find out that it apparently does not have analog inputs.
However, am 100% sure that i recorded an analog waveform with this very device a while (some years) ago.
I even remember that it had the small circles plotted over the waveform.

I tried some old software versions back to 1.1.18, but with no luck.
Can somebody shed light on this issue?

@tasnad Thanks for writing in! All models of our Logic anlayzers can be found in the link below for reference.

Based on the photos above, can you identify which model you own?

The models without our logo on the top of the enclosure (Gen1) do not have the capability to record analog captures. The models with our logo on the top of the enclosure (Gen2) do have the ability to record analog.

Thanks for the response.
As written, I have the “Original Logic” (without any logo).
I also read that it does not support analog mode, but again, I remember the recorded analog waveform and even that I could select the analog mode in the software next to where the sampling rate could be set…
How can that be? Maybe it was an analog mode with lower precision or so? But why couldn’t I find the analog option in the old software versions?

@tasnad Thanks for confirming that. Our original Logic does not have an ADC, nor does it have the required front-end for recording and displaying analog signals. All recorded data using Original Logic and Logic16 is recorded and displayed digitally.

Perhaps it’s possible the software did not detect the connected Original Logic, and was running in Demo mode, which features a simulated Gen2 device with analog support.

So there is no formerly supported analog mode with reduced accuracy or similar, if there is only a 1-bit ADC, I see.
The demo mode could be it, I can’t deny it since it’s quite some time ago :slight_smile:
Anyways, thanks a lot for the clarification!

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