Can I measure plain 3.3V and 5V logic signals?

Hello Saleae experts I have just dusted off my 8 and was wondering if I can use it to measure some plain (unknown) 3.3V and 5V signals? I just downloaded the latest software (and thank you for Linux support)
these signals are not on a ‘clock’, more just control logic but I’d like to see how they interact and what voltages are logic Hi and low.
I have 4 channels of data connected and I have not selected any Analyzer, i can see the signals go Hi and low but not the voltage ranges.

Thank you

As long as you have a newer Logic 8, or Logic Pro 8/16, then you can monitor analog and digital.

Check out the tutorials at:

… and look for how to enable/disable a channel.

If you have the original logic (or a cheap knock-off), then upgrade:

… as the original hardware was digital only.

Thanks How can I tell what version I have?
Mine is an 8 channel and I cant remember when I got it.

Look at:

… if you have an authentic Saleae device, then it will match one of those pictured.

For a quick & easy check, the newer ones all have two (or four) 4x2 pin connectors and micro USB vs. one thin 1x9 (or 1x18) pin slot and mini USB on the original logic (or logic16). Also, authentic devices are all in nice metal cases vs. cheap plastic ones.

Ahh ok thanks!
Mine is the original logic 8 based on the older ‘mini’ USB and 9 pins also I purchased it here.
So no analogue, but it was easy enough to check the pins with a multi-meter that can record a ‘max’ voltage, as I just needed to reverse engineer if logic hi was 5V or 3.3V.