Set logic recognition level


I realized that using a bus terminator the logic analyser did not recognize the digital signals anymore. Is there a way to correct and adjust it?

2024-07-02_MB_1us_80Ohm.sal (4.8 MB)
2024-07-02_MB_1us_120Ohm.sal (4.7 MB)

Logic 8 has a fixed input voltage threshold for its digital channels. (Referenced from here: Supported Voltages | Saleae Support)

  • Voltage input low: 0.6V
  • Voltage input high: 1.2V

Taking a look at your capture file, it doesn’t look like the voltage is crossing the 0.6V low threshold, hence why your digital channels look like they are idling high.

Are the voltages you are seeing in the analog recording within expectation? Since Logic 8 does not have the capability to adjust the voltage threshold, this will require external circuitry to translate the incoming signal to something that is compatible given the voltage thresholds listed above for Logic 8.