Feature request: export only analog or digital signals

doing mixed signal analysis right now (2-4 analog and 12 digital channels) I like very much the feature in version 1.* to select only analog or digital channels for exporting.

with 2.3.* right now I always have to deselect all 12 digital channels if I want to export only analog measurements…

+1 for the old export options :wink:

Good point! I’ll share that feedback with the team here. I’m thinking the same “All” and “Clear” buttons under Capture Settings may do the trick here.

@harald.koenig2 I wanted to let you know that this is officially on the backlog! Thanks again for sharing the idea with us. We’ll get it done.

We definitely felt your frustration when dealing with all 32 channels of our Logic Pro 16 :stuck_out_tongue: