Type-C Interface

Is there a work in progress to update the Saleae interface to USB-C?

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@asok Good question! We’re currently brainstorming ideas around this, but nothing confirmed yet.

Aside from the connector (which in my opinion is worth the price of admission) it doesn’t seem there is much immediate advantage and there is a significant immediate disadvantage: most current computers have just 1 USB-C port and there are no USB-C hubs with multiple downstream USB-C ports.

A great promise of USB-C is up to 100W power over the cable so the logic analyzer would be free of any current power based constraints for its design. But that presupposes that the port you connect to can supply the needed power. And that goes back to the USB-C hub issue - multiple port USB-C hubs with 100W per port are going to be unusual and expensive. I know, because that is at the heart of a system I am currently working on.