Logic 2.3.42

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What’s New

  • Support for the upcoming Logic Pro 16 Revision 3.0.0. New Logic Pro 16s will require this release or newer. Due to supply chain issues, we’ve changed one of the components in the device. There is no functional difference in the new revision.
  • You can see your HW revision in the Device Info dialog.


  • Updated start and stop capture shortcut to the r key to make it easier to start and stop a capture if you only have one hand/finger available


  • Add frequency metrics (1/T) to marker pairs
  • Added delete all timing markers from timing pair menu
  • Improved messaging for device errors
  • Improved rendering performance

So no USB-C connector in the new HW revision? :frowning_face:

@Kai I’m with you on this. Although adding a USB-C connector is not part of this hardware revision, we certainly want to get it added in at some point. The focus here was primarily to get around supply chain constraints, but we hope to get into a position where we can run hardware changes more often. In the meantime, we have to stay focused on one thing at a time especially since we’re quite a small company.

@timreyes I fully understand why you’re making a minimal HW revision. I just wanted to ‘air’ my interest in getting an USB-C connector instead of the old abomination of an USB 3.0 connector.

Going to USB-C would require you to change the casing as well, so further costs. What I hear from colleagues that have worked with mini-USB, micro-USB and the USB-C connectors is that the USB-C is less mechanically stable and sturdy than it’s predecessors. Choosing a USB-C connector with PTH mechanical relief posts is important (with all-SMT connectors, you risk the copper getting torn off the fiberglass base).

Thanks @Kai! By the way, I added some notes for you in the idea post we are tracking for USB-C below. I also added a vote in for you!

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