Trim data of specific channel


Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, my Google search didn’t return any results. I need to trim the data in time, but only for specific channels. The “Trim Data” trims the data on all channels.

My scenario: I’m connected to two different devices at the same time and I need to make sure they are spitting out the same data. However, since their boot times are slightly different, I need to scroll left and right constantly to compare them bit by bit and eventually I get lost since the data is very long. If I could trim the boot times (different for each channel), the channels would be aligned.

Any help would be appreciated.


Good question. This would be a great feature - unfortunately, the trim data feature does in fact trim all channels. We don’t have a great solution right now to quickly compare, or offset, channels such that you can overlay them nicely.

The idea here is fairly similar, though instead of 2 different captures, you’d want to simply overlay 2 channels with time offsets.

Feel free to vote/comment on it! We don’t have anything like this committed to the roadmap yet, but we’re currently tracking interest it.

As for the search not returning any results, that’s definitely odd. Can you share some more details on how you are using search exactly? Is it reproducible via opening a saved capture (.sal) file? If so, send that over via attachment and I can try and reproduce this on my end.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the kind response, I have voted for the idea now. I hope you add this feature!

For the search not returning results, I meant my search on this forum and Google whether this feature exists didn’t return any results, not the search function in the Saleae software :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again!

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