Save only part of the capture data

Hi Saeleae Team,

it would be really great to be able to save only part of the capture data.

I often capture a lot data (“I have enough RAM”), so I’m too lazy to set up a trigger and set a short capture time.
If I then need to send these data to a colleague and save the data, the data is quite huge (in my case > 100MB compressed, as it contains analogue data). For me it would have been great if I could select only 500ms of these 10 seconds that I recorded…

As far as I can see it, it is possible to select what data is used when I use the Export function, but it also says that this Exported Data cannot be imported back to Logic.
Could you make a similar function when it comes to saving the data…?

@willy.woodpecker Great question! We do in fact provide the ability to trim/delete parts of your capture. More information on this can be found below. I hope this is what you needed.

For your feature request below:

Would the idea post below cover what you need? We don’t have this on the roadmap yet, however, we’re tracking interest in it in the meantime. If so, feel free to add your vote to it!

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This is great feature. I just found out about it two weeks ago. I was very happy to find it as I often have my Saleae running with a very large buffer (1k seconds) as I’m running my software debugger.

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Thanks for the quick response.

This solves exactly my problem.
I use the right-click so rarely. I instead went through all Menus (File, Edit, Capture, …) and looked for an option there…
I’m not sure if more people will find it if there is an Menu entry in Capture, but of course, it is far easier to use the right-click context menu.

Thanks for the great answer and the great software.

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