[Feature Request] Allow channels to be deleted from saved captures

Currently, we can trim data forward and backwards in time. But we cannot currently delete entire channel readings. For example, I have a saved capture file with an analog channel. I want to remove the analog channel as it doesn’t give any useful information for my purposes and I want to reduce the file size down. Currently, I would need to perform another capture to make this change. I feel like this should be a feature that can be added to a capture file.

One could also consider a situation where a certain captured channel may have exposing information in it and should be deleted before being sent to a client.

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Sounds very useful to me.

Actually, it would be great if we could make some generic changes to a capture and either allow us to save or save as.

In my cases, there are times I want to update which LLA or HLA analyzers are included in the capture. Or slight variant need to update the information as I am developing the LLA or HLA and something changes, like maybe I introduced a new setting, which then causes the HLA error out each time I then load it, so have to then delete it and re add it each time I load the capture.

@kammcecorp Thanks for the idea! I’ve posted a comment for you in the idea post we have recorded for this via the link below:

@KurtE Thanks as well! Can you share more information about what exactly you’d like added?

Currently, capture (.sal) files, when opened, can be re-configured to remove/add LLAs and HLAs, and then re-saved into a new .sal file.

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Thanks, next time I need to work with the USB capture stuff I will have to try the save as again.

I tried it a long time ago in the beta cycle and it did not work then, but maybe I screwed up.

As I mentioned above It has been a long time since I last did this, so maybe it is no longer an issue.

But at the time when I added a new option to an HLA,. It would cause the HLA to error out when the HLA is used by an older saved SAL file. That is suppose that I have a saved setup with the HLA that has:

class Hla(HighLevelAnalyzer):
    # List of settings that a user can set for this High Level Analyzer.
    DisplayFormat = ChoicesSetting(
        label='Display Format',
        choices=('Dec', 'Hex')

    DisplayLevel = ChoicesSetting(
        choices=('Data', 'All')

    HCIChannel = NumberSetting(label='HCI Channel', min_value=-1, max_value=3)

And I have saved out several captures. And then I decide to update the HLA and add a new setting, like maybe sometimes I would like the capture to include start of frame information, so I add:
Something like:

    IncludeSOF = ChoicesSetting(
        label='Include SOF',
        choices=('No', 'Yes')

That at least before If I loaded a saved capture that used this HLA, the python code would error out, and I would need to remove the usage and add it back in… Wish instead it would load up and run and fill in the new option with a default value…

But it has been a long time and maybe that already happens?

@KurtE Ah I see what you mean.

I don’t recall how this works right now, but I think the behavior you described still exists. I’ll run some tests on my end.

Initially, I thought you meant that you simply wanted the ability to remove/edit LLAs and HLAs in a capture file, which does work.

I did :blush:
But then I thought I would mention the reason why I was needing to do so in the first place.

Thanks again

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@KurtE Sorry for the wait. I just confirmed the issue on my end. Having said that, this is a fairly niche situation that would likely not occur too often, though I could be wrong. Do you find yourself adding and deleting settings often in between loading capture files that use them?

I did end up adding a comment to the idea post below, since it seems most similar.

The main feature request in the above forum post would likely be the priority however, since it’s a more common situation.

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Not often, only when I am working on the HLA.

In the case of the USB one, I would hit it more often as I would more often find situations where maybe I want a new option. Although it then settles down.

Right now, not doing much.

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