Issue with protected capture

Hi. The newest Logic version has protected captures, and I like the idea, but it has a drawback.

My use case is this: I capture some data with a low-end computer, and for maximum performance I have all analyzers removed. After the capture I move the .sal file to a better machine, where I have a preset with necessary analyzer configuration, but I cannot load the preset, because the capture is protected. I also cannot unlock the capture - the option is grayed-out.

I can manually add the analyzers, but it is very inconvenient. There should be an option to unlock the capture, or at least import analyzers from a preset.

@kazink Sorry about that. All saved captures are, by default, protected whether they were initially protected or not before the capture was saved. We currently don’t have a way of allowing presets to be applied to saved captures that are opened, but I could see how this feature would be useful in your case.

I’ll bring this up with the team here!

What would also work for me would be to have switchable analyzers. This way I could add the analyzers I need, but just disable them for the time of capture.

Or you could add a global option to suspend analyzers processing while the capture is in progress.


@kazink I had a few chats with the team here. Unfortunately, we couldn’t prioritize getting this feature added, though we certainly agree that something like this would help in your case. In addition, we suggest fairly frequently to remove analyzers to improve performance, which gives us even more reason to implement this feature!

For now, I went ahead and added your feature request as an idea post below so we can start tracking other users’ need for it:

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