Load Multiple Analyzers (or a Preset) on Multiple Read Only Capture Files

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We use the Automation Server calls to take multiple captures on a setup.
These files are just plain captures without any analyzers.
After coping the files out we would like to setup certain analyzers but adding the analyzers manually to multiple files is cumbersome.
I tried saving the analyzers as a preset but when I try to call load preset it says “Preset cannot be loaded for read only capture”.
What would be the best way to add a set of analyzers to multiple read only capture files?

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@TunaBicim I just tested this on a recently saved capture file to be sure, but the best way available right now is to manually configure your analyzers when the capture is opened for review. This is unfortunately far from an ideal solution.

We’re currently tracking a feature request below to allow for post-process functions via our Automation API. I went ahead and added a comment for you to track your need for this feature.

In the meantime, I’d like to get an idea of the scale at which you require configuring and setting up analyzers for your captures. For example, I’d like to know:

  • How many captures have you saved for which you plan to bulk add analyzers to in one go?
  • How many analyzers do you plan to add to each capture?
  • How often do you require performing the tasks above?
  • What do you plan to do once all analyzers are added? Review each capture manually? Export data to be processed by a third party application?

I wished there was a way to add only analyzer configurations via a preset, which would speed things up tremendously in most cases, especially when several analyzers need to be added with very specific, non-default settings. I’ll bring this up with the team here internally.

Thanks for the response Tim.

For scale we run about 20-30 automated tests and 1 file is created for each run daily.
I add 6 analyzers for each capture.
Currently we only look at failure cases since this process is lengthy and review manually.
If there is an easy way to add the analyzers and export the outputs I could see automating the result collection in the future.

Yes adding a set of analyzers or a preset would be amazing.
Another great feature would be being able to use Logic 8 presets with Logic 16.
I understand the limitation where using 16 presets might not be possible for 8 but 8 to 16 should be possible.

Thanks again for responding.


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