Channels/HLA re-sorting with each capture

some time ago I’ve sent a bug report concerning the resorting of the channels/HLA when the capture is started. No matter where one drags the channels, they are re-organized when the capture is started.
Unfortunately I’ve lost the bug number and I wanted to know whether the bug has been addressed and possibly solved, since it is really annoying!

Thanks for following up on this. We were in fact able to reproduce this issue ~2 weeks ago, so it’s a known bug. It’s on our backlog right now. Sorry for the trouble in the meantime… Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date to share just yet.

The ticket number we have with you is #60237. We’ll update you once this is resolved! Sorry for the wait…

It looks like we’ve solved the issue with channels re-ordering. Sorry again for the trouble this had caused you! We’ll have this fix implemented in the next release of Logic v2 (v2.3.29). You should receive a notification in the app once the update is ready. Hopefully that solves it for you!

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