Alpha Release 8

I would love to hear from you! Any feedback is helpful – please reply to this thread or start a new one!

This is a minor release, fixing a number of analyzer-related issues on Alpha 7.

Low expectations please: This alpha is rough, unstable, and lacks crucial functionality.


Pending dependency fix, pls check back ~Tuesday August 6th.



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Major known issues

  • Trigger is not working

Coming up next

  • Protocol analyzer search / list view
  • Protocol analyzer export
  • Improved capture configuration UI/UX
  • Proper settings persistence
  • High priority issue fixes

Planned for this Quarter (Q3)

  • Analyzer Sequence Search
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Proper shortcuts
  • Delete channels
  • Trim capture
  • Wall-clock time display
  • analog/digital proper alignment
  • Analog channel v2
  • App performance metrics
  • Sidebar resize and collapse
  • Auto-update
  • Digital Scope-View
  • Trigger-on-Analog
  • Scope-View v2
  • Performance improvements
  • Comprehensive USB reliability testing (internal)
  • Themes
  • Art updates / polish
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Based on the announcement

This is a minor release, fixing a number of analyzer-related issues on Alpha 7.

  • I’m sorry to report the 100% CPU glitch still persists when selecting the I2C protocol analyser.

Furthermore, when I’ve selected Channel 0 for SDA and Channel 1 for SCL,

  • I’d like to see those labels mentioned on the left pane close to I2C, as they were in the production releases.

Good luck with the development!

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Thank you Rei!

Was just able to reproduce. For me it also hangs up. We’re on it.

Agreed! It’ll be in the next release.

Thanks! So now waiting for release alpha 9.

Good luck with the development!