Time Units are Unclear


I’m trying to understand what units (of time) I’m allowed to enter time periods in.

By default this field has 1s (second). But for my specific use-case, I only really need 10ms.

So I enter 10ms, and hit ‘ENTER’. The application appears to accept my 10ms input.
So, I click: “Presets” -> “Save as Preset…”.

However, it reverts back to 1s. So I’m assuming that I’m only allowed to enter units in whole seconds.



You’re allowed to enter milliseconds. I also tested it locally and it works.
Which version are you using?

Another idea:
When you saved the preset, what exactly did you do? Typed a new name or clicked on an existing one?
If it’s the latter, then you just loaded that preset instead (it’s our fault of course)

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yes that’s exactly the issue thanks.
So you should be instead retaining the context that the user launched the “save as preset” window, and replace that preset I click that I want to overwrite… not re-loading the preset.

@conor there is a long running debate around presets management. Some of us maintain that the old school OS provided file open/save dialogs are a much better option than the current “presets management” system that, in the view of some, causes more trouble than it solves.

Personally the current system causes too much grief for me so I don’t use presets at all and only save settings when I’m reporting bugs.

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Great point, I’d happily use the native file open dialog window to load or overwrite a profile … file!