Preset import/load bug with A/D sample rate?

It appears that there is a bug importing and loading presets. The A/D sample rate isn’t properly updated every time. The .logic2Preset files have the correct values…

I’ve got this bug logged now as per your post below:

Thanks again for posting that!

Hi @Richard, you know what… it looks like I’m not able to reproduce this issue anymore (I could have sworn I did).

Can you let me know the exact steps you take to reproduce this? Please also include which device you have the Logic 2 software set to (top-left of software).

Hi Tim,

I’m sure all the steps below are not necessary, but…

  1. Delete all presets
  2. Set analog capture rate to 50Ms/s
  3. Load default preset, is the analog capture rate correct?
  4. Import 4wire_1hr.logic2Preset
  5. Load 4wire_1hr.logic2Preset, the analog capture rate is correct = 31.25Ks/s
  6. Import 4wire_100s.logic2Preset
  7. Load 4wire_100s.logic2Preset, the analog capture rate is NOT correct = 31.25Ks/s (2.3 KB)

Thanks for those steps. We were able to reproduce this now. We’re currently investigating this.