Analog export timestamp does not match capture


When I export analog data from a Logic 2.3.19, the timestamps in the CSV file do not match the times shown at the top of the capture file. For instance, in the screenshot below, the capture shows a sample of 1.568V at 0s : 82 ms : 670 us : 500-ish ns. However, the CSV file (row highlighted in yellow) shows the same sample at 0s : 82 ms : 592 us : 320 ns. My data was sampled at 12.5 MS/s with 4 analog channels (I am only exporting one of these channels).

I have also tried exporting binary data and implement some C# code following the Python example, and arrive at the same result as the CSV file. I tried calculating the sample time using both Single and Double with the same result.

Is this a bug in Logic 2.3.19, or is there something else I need to change in my export to get the timestamps correct?



Thanks for reporting this. This is certainly unexpected behavior. I tried reproducing this on my end and couldn’t. I checked samples at the beginning and end of some sample captures I took and the time stamps were all correct in the raw data export.

I’d like to get a support ticket open for this, and I can give an upload link via email so you can share your capture file (.sal file) privately with us.

Can you attach your .sal file below? As a first step, I’d like to see if I can reproduce the issue at the exact same time point you shared in your image here.

In the “description” section, please share the link to this discuss post and direct the message to me (Tim). That way, I’ll know it’s you.


I attached a different (smaller) capture that shows the same issue, along with a few CSV exports and screenshots showing the same behavior under a couple of different conditions.



Thanks @dybalabj . I got your files and support ticket over here. We’ll review this bug in the meantime. We can continue our conversation via email.