Time per division

How can I set the time per division of the waveform display to a specific value?
For example, I would like time between the vertical lines on the display to be 500 ns, 600 ns, or whatever I want it to be.
I have Logic 2, version 2.3.31, and capture with a Logic 8.

@bruce.p.clemens Thanks for bringing this up. The way we do this now is quite unintuitive. You are able to set the exact time scale measured in time per 100-pixels as explained in the user guide section below:

This definitely needs an overhaul, and we should allow you to set the time scale in a more intuitive way, such as per the vertical lines as you mentioned. We’ll review this for future iterations of our software, and sorry for the trouble with this in the meantime.

Interesting, in all the time I’ve been using Logic2 I hadn’t noticed the very dark gray on black vertical lines. Maybe it’s related to the contrast settings on my monitor, but those line sure ain’t intrusive!

A quick look didn’t turn up any way to lighten the vertical time lines - have I missed something?

@P.Jaquiery Nope, you did not miss anything. We don’t have a way of lightening the vertical time lines without increasing the contrast some other external way (e.g. via monitor settings).

One way we’re thinking of solving this is via customizable theme settings like below:

We do receive feedback from time to time that the contrast could be improved in our app. It’s a bit of a balance act we’re playing right now (non-intrusive vs being too intrusive). I’ll bring this up with our team here.