[Feature Request] Prominently display sample rate

Recently wasted some time because I had the sample rate set too low. It would be nice if the sample rate showed up prominently in the UI and not just on the “Device Settings” flyout, where it is not that prominent either.

@rkeck Thanks for the suggestion! Would you mind sharing your preferred place to view the sampling rate setting? If you have any mock-up images to share as well, feel free to share it!

The options available for sampling rates changes based on how many channels are simultaneously enabled. Therefore, we’ve bundled both settings (sampling rate and channel selection) in the same “Device Settings” panel. However, we could certainly look into showing the currently configured sampling rate somewhere more prominent like we do for the current time-base shown at the bottom right of the app.

Down at the bottom right is probably fine. But, maybe make the text stand out more by using a white bold font (like the font on the Session Tab or the time base when you hover over it).

@rkeck Makes sense, thanks! I’ll make sure to get this on our internal discussion list.

@rkeck I wanted to follow up with you on this. We weren’t able to get your request on our immediate roadmap, however, we agree that the current sampling rate should be immediately visible somewhere.

I ended up creating a public feature request post for this topic, and we’ve also added notes about this on our internal backlog for UI changes.