Version 2.3.37 sample Speed list incomplete with smaller window

I am running the current release, and opened it up on my Logic Pro 8, which was configured for 500ms samples… It was setup for 5 channels. cut it down to 3 and resized the window (Windows 10 64 bit),
and then dropped down the sample speed drop down list, to see if it changed the highest speed or not. Don’t need it any faster but was curious. But at this smaller size, the drop down list only showed about 4 items with fastest of 25… Made the window taller and the whole list came back.

No big deal but thought I would mention it.


@KurtE Thanks for reporting this! I just confirmed the bug on my end as well. I’ll get this on our backlog to fix!

In the meantime, you can hover your mouse over the dropdown list and use your scroll wheel to scroll through the options when this happens.

Edit: I take that back - the scroll wheel doesn’t help. The options are actually tucked away and unclickable.