Suppressing startup messages in Logic 1


I’m using the scripting socket in logic 1 for unittesting and lately I’ve been experiencing crashes which would be okay but every time logic 1 crashes it displays a startup error dialog asking if one would like to submit an error report when it starts the next time. That puts a halt on the scripts until the dialog is dismissed.

Is there any way to suppress startup dialogs in Logic 1?
I’m using 1.2.29

Sorry for the trouble with that! You can use the -disablepopups command line option when starting the software as described at the top of this support article:

Regarding your crashes, feel free to send in any information you can share about them via the link below, including any patterns you notice, and a zipped copy of your generated error reports. I’d be happy to look into those for you.

Location of the error reports is described below:

thank you very much!

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