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I am using Logic v1 automation to automate the capture of analog samples and extraction of these samples to a csv. However, whenever the script exports, it creates a popup which can very easily be canceled (by pressing the spacebar or enter). If I am using my computer to do other things at the time, it cuts off the export process, but does continue on without error. I am launching with Logic -disablepopups in an attempt to disable these. I am using Logic v1 on Linux. Are these popups not able to be suppressed? If not through Logic software, is there some other way?

Thanks in advance

@bunjake Sorry for the trouble with this! Unfortunately, we likely won’t have a solution for you…

I’ll bring this up with the software team in case they might have a workaround. The -disablepopups argument suppresses error pop-ups while running your automation script, but unfortunately doesn’t suppress normal popups such as when exporting data. We originally designed the automation scripting utility for PCs that would be idle while automation was running.

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@timreyes Thanks for the quick reply. I would love to hear if they have any ideas, my scripts tend to be paired with other automation, so they run for a long time. It would be sweet to find a way to mitigate this.

Thanks again!

@bunjake You’re welcome! I’ve got this added to our discussion list for next week. I’ll keep you updated.

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Unfortunately there’s nothing in the 1.x software for this now, and we’re not planning on continuing development on it. However, I suspect you might be able to find that window and minimize it through other means.

Something like this could be a good starting point for Linux:

I completely agree, I hate background applications which open popups that steel the focus, and immediately take any keyboard events you happen to be typing at the time.

There are also other ways to run GUI applications on Linux in a headless way (or equivalent) For example, you might be able to run the app on a different virtual desktop, on a different login session, etc. However I’ve never looked too closely at these options.