Logic 1.2.x "Uh oh" Pop up

We’re running Logic 1.2.29 headless in a jenkins setup and are getting unexplained issues with the software displaying the “Uh oh, it looks like Logic has previously crashed” popup. We are seeing this despite seemingly successful previous capture runs.

We’re not really bothered whether the software previously crashed or not and would prefer not to have our connection to it blocked. I’ve tried calling with the disablepopups flag but that doesn’t seem to stop this particular popup.

How does the software store its state so it knows it’s crashed? Can I wipe this out before loading?

@toby Sorry for the trouble with getting that running smoothly.

Two things can be done in Logic 1.x:

  1. -uploaderrors will cause the dialog to auto-upload errors. Unfortunately, there isn’t an argument to skip error uploading completely.

  2. It’s possible to delete the contents of the errors directory before starting the application. On windows that’s %APPDATA%\Saleae LLC\Logic\Errors. Don’t delete the folder itself, just the contents.

Let me know how that works out for you.

Thanks @timreyes

The above suggestions have stopped us seeing that pop up.

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